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Silver is a precious metal. It’s value has never really changed over thousands of years. It’s price only really goes up or down in terms of how much currency is in circulation in any given country, at any given moment in time: put another way– if a government borrows more currency into circulation (prints money) the value of silver will ultimately rise. There are many factors that will effect the price of the metal, at this time all factors seem bullish for the metal. The only thing that you really need to ask yourself when wondering whether silver is a good investment would be: are the government’s deficit(s) likely to continue to grow over time? Yes or No if the answer is yes, which it absolutely is–that is the plan by design, than silver (the physical metal in hand, not paper) is one heck of an investment. As of this writing, silver is about $28.33 (USD) per troy ounce. This puppy is poised for an exponential price increase in my opinion over the course of the next several years.


24 Hour Live Silver Spot Price Chart
24 Hour Live Silver Spot Price Chart

Michael Maloney Explains Gold, Silver & Economics

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